Building your vision from the ground up.

Laying the foundations for a grand future, takes very skilled experts with unrivaled capabilities and knowledge. This is precisely what Shelter Construction prides itself in offering.
Through lean construction which takes into account respecting and preserving every material and resource, and innovative designs, we build better days for generations to come.

Shelter construction notably carried out the construction of luxurious residential complexes, as well as malls, large towers, bridges and highly-developed urban infrastructure.
With its masterful implementations and impeccable execution, Shelter Construction is some of the region’s most iconic developer and construction partner. From the disciplines of engineering, architecture, planning, quality control, procurement to health and safety, more than 5000+ brilliant minds come together to perfect their professions and create realities from visions. Significantly advanced equipment and machinery are set in place for the accomplishment of the projects that reshape the industry.

We bring to life exceptional work
through the following services

  • Design and building

  • Construction

  • Civil/Infrastructure contracting

  • Electro-mechanical contracting