Changing the norms in how properties are luxuriously maintained and managed.

Shelter Development specializes in revolutionizing the world of real estate property development and management in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Our services include the renovating, leasing and the promoting of high-end buildings and towers as well as purchasing and selling of lands and estates. We provide remarkable real estate consultancy and cater to the markets needs in France, Lebanon, Qatar and Italy.

From up-scale residences and towers to retail and office spaces, Shelter development masterfully utilizes its extensive experience and presence to maintaining and leasing clients’ assets and helping them achieve maximum asset profitability, ensuring the highest operational standards are followed.

We follow the markets diversity while always stepping up our game in all fields and divisions. With a flawless coordination between divisions to fully cover the scope of our performance, we take the abstract to concrete and bring growth to all portfolios we manage.