A Prominent Aluminum, Steel And Glazing Factory.

Its core focus is supplying and covering large scale buildings and projects with a well-engineered facade system. Vowing to always sustain and maintain an increasing market demand, METALUM adopts leading technologies and manufacturing methods thanks to top of the line machinery and an exceptional team.

Our detailed and systematic approach allows us to follow through on projects of every scale in order to run a successful and thriving operation and turning every project into a steel wonder, skillfully designed and inspiring. METALUM is an approved fabricator and installer of the SCHUCO system as well as another high end European and American brand.

Major developments and innovative landmarks were proudly developed by METALUM such as the Hamad International Airport and its buildings, major football stadiums and plenty of metro stations and outfitting ministries buildings with fantastic facades.
Units of dedicated industry masterminds, latest cutting-edge technologies, sustainable processes and multi-dimensional set of the top services, especially in construction of large-scale buildings and structures, constitutes Shelter Group a stellar name dotted with a historical reputation of excellence.